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Voting For Your Town’s Next Mayor

March 30, 2017 • savervote


Let’s face it, electing for the next leaders of a nation, a state, or a town seems to be more controversial than beneficial.

Say, you’re happily living in a small town. How will you vote for your town’s next mayor?

Here are some considerations to ponder on:

  • His/her stand on the economic development of your town. One of the greatest responsibilities of being a town mayor is providing good measures to improve the economic development of a town. This includes raking in more income for the entire town via tourism or even as simple as helping those who are truly in need. Regardless of the measure a mayoral candidate is proposing or going for, it should be for everyone’s benefit and not just for a select few.
  • His/her stand on the environmental issues of your town. Controversial as it may seem, a mayoral candidate’s stand on the environmental issues of your town is very important. The reason is quite simple: everyone in the town is breathing the same air, almost eating the same kind of food, and drinking from the same water source. Thus, it’s important to be mindful than usual on environmental hazards in the air, in the food you harvest, and in the water you drink.
  • His/her stand on the industrial development of your town. Will your town be the new center of attraction? If yes, will it be overwhelmed with industrial buildings? These questions may seem harmless, but if you think about it carefully, it will be crucial for any other kind of developments your town will have in the future. Industrialization can be good in terms of creating more job opportunities. However, it might lead to destruction of natural beauty if done too much.
  • His/her stand on the agricultural development of your town. On the other hand, there’s the never-seem-to-end issue of agricultural development – just like in every town of every country. As more and more towns turn to industrialization for stability, the agricultural sector is being neglected. Thus, the right mayoral candidate should be one who can balance his/her stand between the two sectors.

Mayoral candidates can learn from sectors like the wood industry, which usually cares about both the local town’s development aside from its own. With that, find the best sawzall in 2017 and create your own wood products. Who knows? Your business might become the next reason why your town can rake in more income. For the economy and beyond!

Voting for your town’s next mayor is not an easy task. But with these considerations in mind, rest assured that you’ll be able to choose the right mayoral candidate wisely – one who always considers the welfare of everyone in the town instead of thinking about a select few or his/her own welfare only.

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