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Voting With A Clear Heart & Mind

April 7, 2017 • savervote



Let’s say, it’s your first time voting. It’s also your first time knowing more about the electoral candidates. And just like any other good voter, you want to make the right decision. The only question is: how would you vote with a clear heart and mind, without you voting based on first impressions or voting based on what you heard from other people?

Here are some tips:

  • Focus on the present. Some voters get influenced easily by first impressions or what they hear from other people. Even more so, these kinds of influences happen mostly because of an electoral candidate’s past – who their parents are, how they grew up, what they have achieved, and the list goes on and on. Being a good voter is about focusing on the present, instead – how they are nowadays, what their family is like, etc. And most importantly, being a good voter is about focusing on an electoral candidate’s present-day motivations and inspirations.
  • Take it easy. We know, voting can be daunting. It can also make you stay up all night, thinking about who to vote for and if he/she is the best one to vote for. But as others would say, take it easy. Voting, be it locally or nationally, is not really that hard to do – not like when you’re making a decision about your own future. Sure, elections get to decide how a country will be run. However, you still get to decide how to make your life worthwhile. Not the government, but you.
  • Drink up. Not on wine or beer, okay? Drinking up basically means keeping yourself hydrated enough to vote wisely – or more specifically, with a clear heart and mind. And that means drinking up on water and other healthy drinks such as fresh juices or refreshing smoothies, which you can make at home with juicers and blenders like what’s on Yep, that’s right. Being healthy is one way for you to vote wisely.
  • Go for quality, not for quantity. Electoral candidates have their fair share of achievements, as well as failures. However, being a good voter is about choosing one who has quality achievements rather one who has many achievements. Let’s say, one candidate has over 40 achievements that you or any other don’t even know about. The other candidate, however, only has 10 achievements – and one of them is a Nobel Peace Prize. So, the question is: who would you vote for?

Choose wisely!

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